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Support After Dissolution of Marriage | Alimony Lawyer
Divorces do not always end with both parties on the same financial footing. Often, one person has financial advantages that the other may not be able to enjoy moving forward.


Kansas courts do not follow uniform guidelines for spousal support. Rather, spousal support payments are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Whether a judge grants this spousal support, also known as alimony, depends on numerous factors, including the parties’ respective:

  • Age and health
  • Family ties and obligations
  • Current and future earning potential of each party
  • Educational level
  • Length of marriage
  • Current expenses and needs
  • Property owned by the parties and its time, source and manner of acquisition
  • Overall financial condition of the parties

I am Cindy L. Cleous, a Wichita, Kansas, spousal support lawyer. For more than 20 years, my law firm has represented clients in south central Kansas in obtaining and avoiding spousal support, depending on the merits of the situation.

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Where Disparities Exist, Alimony Becomes Possible | Wichita Spousal Support Lawyer
Whether alimony is granted often depends on which spouse makes most money and which spouse has the greatest need. If both spouses have jobs, have similar earnings and own similar assets, a judge is unlikely to grant spousal support to either party.

However, if one spouse is employed while the other spouse is not, owns significantly lesser assets than the other spouse, or is raising the children without an income, a good case can be made for spousal support payments.

As your attorney, I can investigate your circumstances and either negotiate for needed financial support, or seek it through a court action.

Modifications May Be Warranted | Wichita Alimony Attorney
If your or your ex-spouse’s economic or personal circumstances change significantly, through remarriage, job loss, gain in income or another factor, it may be possible for me to help you seek a modification of your spousal support terms.

I am familiar with all aspects of spousal support modifications as they are implemented in Kansas. As a result, I can ably represent your interests in negotiations or in court. Further, I can represent you in enforcing any spousal support judgments that are not being paid.

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