1. Detailed Divorce Guidance from an Experienced Attorney
Guiding your family through complicated divorce proceedings can be a challenging task without the assistance of an experienced lawyer. When seeking resolutions to the various issues relating to your divorce, the proper legal counsel can help you find the results you need to move your family forward with their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.


For more than 20 years, Cindy L. Cleous, L.L.C., has represented Wichita, Kansas, area families involved in divorce proceedings. My work is designed to help you resolve your issues with a minimum of financial and emotional expenses, in turn allowing you to protect yourself and your loved ones from a drawn out and painful divorce process.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your divorce concerns with an experienced attorney, please call 316-262-4550 or contact my office online today.

Detailed Attention to Your Specific Divorce Concerns

My experience allows me to offer detailed advice on the various issues relating to your divorce, including:

  • Required divorce mediation
  • Marital property valuation and division
  • Child custody matters
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance

To help put your mind at ease throughout your proceedings, I take great care to offer an overview of the process before you and prepare you for what you can expect from the divorce process. I then conduct an extensive information-gathering session in which we will discuss your concerns, your assets and your goals, giving me a feel for how best to approach your proceedings.

This approach, combined with my experience and knowledge of local courts, allows me to offer the detailed and understanding help you need to guide your family to the best possible conclusions.

Contact My Office for the Personal Support You Deserve

In my years as an attorney, I have learned that no two divorces are exactly alike. With that in mind, I strive to provide the personalized support you need when facing these complicated and often emotional situations.

As a trained mediator, I am qualified to prepare you for the mediation and case management processes, and can help you to try to resolve your case before going into the courtroom.

Contact my office to discuss your concerns and learn how I can be of assistance.