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Determining who pays child support and how much of it is one of the most contentious issues in Kansas divorces.


Courts base child support payments on numerous factors. Having a good attorney can make a big difference in how much, or how little child support an individual parent pays, based on those factors.

I am Cindy L. Cleous, a Wichita, Kansas, child support attorney. For more than 20 years, my law firm has represented clients in south central Kansas in child support matters, including case management.

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Conditions of Child Support | Wichita Child Support Lawyer

The following are some of the factors that play a role in child support payments:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Time each parent spends with the child, according to custody and visitation conditions
  • Health insurance premiums paid
  • Medical care expenses and other special needs of the child
  • Child care/day care expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Income tax considerations
  • Costs associated with the expense of parenting time
  • Cost of living differences between the parents’ locales
  • Payors’ obligation to other children, spouses or former spouses

If one parent has primary residential custody of a child, the other parent usually is obligated to
pay child support based on these factors.

If the parents have shared residential custody, the amount of support to be paid is dependent on the parents’ historic payment of the children’s expenses and other factors.

Retain my services, and I will advocate for your desired child support terms in negotiations or in court.

Child Support Modifications | Wichita Child Support Attorney

If a parent’s personal or economic circumstances change, it is possible for him or her to petition the court for a modification of child support. A change may be permitted if both parents agree to the change or the divorce court enters a judgment in favor of it.

Generally, modifications to child support payments are permitted when:

  • One parent’s income increases or decreases significantly
  • One parent’s capacity to earn money changes, such as through unemployment or disability
  • Child custody arrangements are modified
  • The child’s needs change
  • The child becomes an adult upon which child support is terminated

Hire me, and I can work on your behalf to modify your support arrangement.

Enforcing Child Support Decisions | Wichita Case Management Lawyer

As many Kansas parents will tell you, a child support judgment is only part of the story: the money also must be paid. If your child’s other parent fails to pay a child support obligation, I can petition the court to enforce the judgment.

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