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1. Seeking Divorce Solutions Through Negotiation, Mediation and Trial
Divorce is never easy. When issues concerning assets and child care become difficult to resolve, they can complicate an already difficult situation.


When divorces require substantial negotiations, mediation or a trial to resolve fundamental issues, they are known as contested divorces.

In such situations, opposing lawyers may negotiate on their clients’ behalf to find a workable resolution, or a certified mediator or case manager may be hired to hear both sides and develop a conclusion. If settlement is not possible, contested divorces may be resolved by a judge in a divorce court.

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When Negotiations Fail, Mediation May Be the Answer 

The vast majority of divorce cases in our area are resolved through negotiations. There are very good reasons for this.

By resolving fundamental issues regarding asset distribution, child care, child support and child custody without going through a lengthy and arduous divorce trial, divorcing spouses can save a significant sum of money on attorney fees and court costs. By resolving their differences peacefully, they also can avoid mutual acrimony that can damage relationships for years to come.

For various reasons, however, negotiations do not always succeed. The issues may be intractable, or there may be too much bad blood between the parties. If this happens to you, I can assist you and your divorcing spouse through mediation.

Unlike a negotiation, where two lawyers typically hash out differences, mediation involves hiring only one outside party, the mediator. This job of this neutral party is to examine the issues of the divorce and recommend courses of action.

I use my training as a certified mediator in various ways. A court may appoint me to mediate child care and support issues and recommend outcomes. Likewise, attorneys representing clients may request that I mediate issues between their clients.

If I am not serving as a mediator, but am instead acting as your attorney, my mediation training can still be of great benefit to you in a mediation or case management process. This is because I understand how to reach resolutions that take into account the needs of more than one party.

In any situation that requires an element of negotiation or compromise, I can provide constructive legal advice intended to help you meet your needs and reach your goals.

Avoiding Conflicts Through Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements
A good way to avoid a contested divorce is to settle any potential issues in advance using a marital agreement.

Such agreements — known as prenuptial agreements when made prior to a marriage, and postnuptial agreements when made during it — set legally binding conditions for how assets are to be handled during a marriage or after it ends.
Both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be useful to individuals who want to:

  • Determine how their mutual property will be divided after a divorce, or the death or
    incapacity of a spouse
  • Prevent a judge from dividing marital assets in divorce court
  • Preserve money, property and other personal assets for children from prior relationships
  • Retain ownership of a family businesses after a divorce
  • Define who will pay bills, credit card expenses, taxes and other expenses incurred during the

Perhaps most importantly, a marital agreement can prevent future lawsuits by requiring disagreements to be resolved through mediation or arbitration.

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In my practice, I strive to gather as much information as possible prior to any negotiation, mediation or trial so that I can help my clients make informed decisions that will benefit them for years to come.

Further, I draw upon my training as a mediator in all divorce cases, in an effort to save my clients money, grief and to avoid a trial. That said, if a trial is truly the best option, I use my experience as a trial lawyer to advocate tenaciously for my clients’ interests in court.

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